Live At Six

By Dean Hewison and Leon Wadham

Live At Six is a newsroom thriller that explores the intense rivalry between TV ONE and TV 3 in a creative and highly engaging theatre experience. When a YouTube video of a news anchor caught in a suspicious act spreads online, both newsrooms must edit the footage, live on stage, to suit their agenda – inner politics arise and relationships are burnt all in the name of a “true news” story. Using the latest in modern media technology, the audience makes the news in this cunning and distinctly modern show.

Having been re-developed after its sell-out 2009 STAB season, Live At Six opened Downstage in April 2012. Scandal, manipulation, and real time pressure were brought to life once more by the creative team of Dean Hewison and Leon Wadham. Live At Six went on to a national arts festival tour in 2013, visiting Christchurch, Nelson, Taranaki and Tauranga before its finale in Auckland, the home of New Zealand news media.