The Pianist

By Thomas Monckton and Circo Aereo

At the peak of high society entertainment sits The Pianist‘s pianist. Impeccable in every aspect he glides graciously through life never placing a foot out of step. He is, in a word: perfection. Or at least… that’s what he thinks.

The Pianist is a solo comic contemporary circus piece by Thomas Monckton (Moving Stationery) and Circo Aereo (Finland). The show is centered on, in, under, and around one of the most magnificent of all musical instruments, the grand piano. Accompanying this elegant apparatus is the poised pianist himself. But before he realises it, his show has transformed from the highbrow concert he hoped for into the spectacularly amusing catastrophe that is The Pianist.

The Pianist mixes classical clowning with contemporary circus to produce a charming piece of comedy about the lure of luxury. After the success of touring Europe, Nelson and Tauranga in 2013, The Pianist made its Wellington premiere at Circa Theatre in April 2014 before going onto a sell-out North Island tour, followed by a season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014. 2015 has seen a return season of The Pianist to Circa Theatre and a New Zealand tour stretching from Kerikeri to Invercargill.

A full technical rider and full length recording of The Pianist is available on request.